Invitation to the press conference regarding the trial against Stephan E. and Markus H.

No. 45/2020

On the occasion of the beginning of the main trial starting on 16 June 2020, we invite you to a press conference

on Thursday, 4 June 2020, 10.30 am,
in Room 613, Court Building D,
of the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Frankfurt/Main.

The President of the Higher Regional Court, Prof. Dr. Roman Poseck, and the spokes-woman of the Higher Regional Court, Dr. Gundula Fehns-Böer, will explain the general setting of the trial proceedings (in particular, regarding the media reporting) and answer questions. Please kindly send your registration until Wednesday, 3 June 2020, 3.00 pm, to the press office of the Higher Regional Court. This is necessary for reason of an enhanced planning of the press conference including the assurence of the physical distance required.

Please kindly note the seperate press information for media representatives on media reports of the trial (press release No. 44/2020). Also kindly note the press information on the opening the main trial (press release No. 43/2020)

English version: Dr. Charlotte Rau

Kontakt für Pressevertreter
Pressesprecherin: Frau Dr. Gundula Fehns-Böer
Richterin am Oberlandesgericht
Telefon: 069 1367-8499
Fax: 069 1367-8382