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invitation to a press briefing

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No. 21/2024

Higher Regional Court Frankfurt/Main: Media information and invitation to a press briefing on the state security proceedings against nine defendants

The main hearing in the state security proceedings against nine defendants on charges including membership of a terrorist organization will begin on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 9.30 a.m. The hearings will take place in the courtroom of the Higher Regional Court Frankfurt/Main, Wilhelm-Fay-Straße 20, 65936 Frankfurt am Main (Sossenheim location).

In preparation, a press briefing with the President of the Higher Regional Court and the spokeswoman of the Court will take place at the Sossenheim location on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 10.00 a.m. On this date, the premises will be presented and procedures explained. There will also be an opportunity to address organizational matters. For organizational reasons, please inform the press office informally via e-mail by May 13, 2024 whether you intend to attend this event.

Some important information for media coverage of the proceedings in advance:

Admission to the courtroom will open 120 minutes before the start of the hearing on the first day and 90 minutes before the start of the hearing on all other days. The entire courtroom will be closed no later than one hour after the end of each court session.

Audio and video recordings are permitted 30 minutes before the start of each hearing. Only the pool representatives already announced in press release dated April 22, 2024 may take audio and video recordings in the courtroom.

In the courtroom, you may only use electronic devices in offline mode.

59 seats have been reserved in the courtroom for representatives of the press. Preference will be given to accredited members of the press. 69 press representatives accredited themselves. Of these, 59 press representatives were allocated a fixed seat. You can see from the accreditation confirmations sent to you on April 22, 2024 whether, and if so, which seat you have been allocated. If you have not been allocated a seat but seats remain vacant, you can of course be allocated a seat according to the order in which accreditation requests were received (number of position on the list of successors).

Please have your photo ID and suitable proof of press affiliation ready for each court session.

A workroom for press representatives is located directly next to the courtroom.

It has 59 workstations. Power sockets are available. The workstations are numbered according to your seat number. In the workroom, you can also work online.

Please refer to the presiding judges procedural order dated April 25, 2024 for detailed regulations (including access control) (linked on the homepage, under the heading “Date preview”):


Higher Regional Court Frankfurt/Main, 8 St 2/23               

English version: deputy spokeswoman Dr. Kerstin Wierse

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